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From a Specialty for a Specialist

Healthware provides best in class solutions in minimally invasive procedures in the fields of Urology, Gynaecology, Pulmonlogy, Gastroenterology, ENT, General Surgery, and Advanced Laparoscopy. We support clinicians by offering comprehensive solutions for their specialty, which include training in the use of the equipment and after sales service.

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Our World Class Processes

Founded in 1988, Healthware is ethics driven and has been a name to reckon with for close to three decades. The company has invested in fully functional technology platforms like SAP that enable our teams to deliver quality through every sales and service related interaction. We have established transparent policies and templates pertaining to sales, personnel, travel, incentives, ratings, reviews and timelines.

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Our Principals

Since our inception, we have made a conscious choice to partner with leading global medical device manufacturers. We have chosen to tie up with and promote companies who have the mark of innovation, quality and compliance.

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Our Products


We believe in people and their ability to scale up at work and as individuals. This respect for people is demonstrated in our day-to-day interactions and the degree of empowerment given at all levels. Innovation is the foundation for growth and there is no improvement that is too small to be appreciated.
Our people are encouraged to think like entrepreneurs and any kaizen is applauded.  When our products are known for their excellence, it is our responsibility to maintain processes that are also top-of-the-line and by default this entails attention to detail and top-grade services.
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