Our Vision

To be the most preferred sales, service and clinical support partner providing world-class solutions in the field of Medical Devices.

About Us

At Healthware, we believe that our primary responsibility is to the people who use our products - Patients, Doctors, Nurses, Bio-Medical Engineers and Hospital Owners. We assume ownership for delivering outstanding value proposition to our clients and we are committed to the highest standards of patient safety and the satisfaction of doctors and nurses. At the heart of what we do is a strong belief in bringing the best-in-class products to India, providing outstanding after sales service and clinical training to make healthcare in India first class.

Our vision is to get people back on their feet as early as possible, post surgery. We have therefore dedicated ourselves to bringing state of the art Minimally Invasive Surgery Solutions from across the globe in Urology, GI, Respiratory Care, Advanced Surgery, Gynaecology and ENT to name a few; and in the process ensure that it is affordable to the common man.

We are committed to changing the current perspective of intermediation by providing value added services; being an honest consultant to our customers; making the entire sales process more transparent leading to a high level of trust, excellent after sales installation support and training on the use of the equipment to deliver the most cost efficient treatment to patients.

In order to ensure we excel, we have set in place several world class processes, services and management practices. With dedicated focus on results, the management has set high performance standards for everyone -- individuals and teams.

We want Healthware to be a fun place to work in, where staff eagerly look forward to come to work. We believe in a workplace where everyone irrespective of caste, religion, gender or disability are treated as equals and have equal opportunities for growth. We encourage the ‘we’ vs ‘I’ approach.

Healthware’s culture as a company is to excel in everything we do, and to do it right. We empower our teams to pursue their dreams and opportunities with the best of training by experienced professionals from the industry. We also encourage leadership through teamwork and transparent communication with each other.

Healthware as a company is conscious of its CSR and conducts activities with this goal in mind. As part of its social CSR initiatives, Healthware supports the GMCKS Vidyarthi Subhodaya High School in Yellareddyguda. GMCSK has approximately 150 students, who are from very low income groups. Since 2009 the company has supported the school in various ways. These include providing material required for construction of the new school building, furniture and a monthly sum to the school for maintenance of the property.

Our Principals

Healthware’s principals are market leaders in their fields representing Urology, General Surgery (Laparoscopy/Surg Gastro/Bariatric Surgery), Gynaecology, Pulmonology, ENT, Gastroenterology, Aneasthesia & Critical care. To read more about who we represent click on the logos below.

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