Life at Healthware

We believe in people and their ability to scale up at work and as individuals. This respect for people is demonstrated in our day-to-day interactions and the degree of empowerment given at all levels. Innovation is the foundation for growth and there is no improvement that is too small to be appreciated.

Our people are encouraged to think like entrepreneurs and any kaizen is applauded.  Our products are known for their excellence and it is our responsibility to maintain processes that are top-of-the-line and by default this entails attention to detail and top-grade services.

We believe that every citizen has a right to access the best in healthcare and take pride in being part of the chain that provides the same.  This sense of trusteeship, of holding the responsibility to the nation, so to speak, is part of Healthware’s DNA. We will not compromise on the excellence of our products or service – that would be tantamount to compromising on our unspoken pact to providing world class healthcare to India – our moral compass would not permit it.

Joining Healthware:
So what’s in it for me? This thought would certainly pass through the minds of those aspiring to join the Healthware fold. Other than the confidence that the pay is on par with market trends, what is that little extra that everyone looks for? In terms of monetary rewards, it is the pay for performance culture that has ensured growth and recognition of high performers and the steady pillars of the organisation. In terms of personal satisfaction, the high energy growth and the combined expertise in the organisation ensure technical capability and personal growth for every single individual.

Work at Healthware:
Selling high end products that require thorough product knowledge makes it a challenging job. To empower sales people to execute their work well and achieve KRAs, Healthware provides in-depth training which is all encompassing – from the product’s technology to its use for the patient and the doctor to training the staff that uses it. Training is provided across departments and periodically reviewed with fresh inputs given.

Team work:  

Sales of medical equipment of this nature require persistence, usage expertise and technical electronic/mechanical expertise of the equipment. While we would like to have 100 Supermen out there in the field, we do recognise that different people have different sets of expertise, skills and personalities that enable success in different arenas. Hence the interdependence of sales, service and clinical applications teams to ensure overall success of the organisation.

Across regions, specialties and functions, the underlying force has to be that of a unified body. While internal competition can be healthy, it cannot be at the cost of the overall organisational goals.

Our annual off-site and quarterly review meetings are aimed at bringing diverse functions, regions and specialties together to give them a sense of unified purpose and facilitate identification and closing of gaps that naturally arise in such a diverse organisation.

Sharing information is a big factor in building bridges. Our meetings are held with the express requirement of sharing information and voicing issues of concern. Investments in SAP and other platforms are such that there is transparency in all transactions and activities.

Business leads are encouraged to take responsibility for their people and empowered to take most decisions around their teams.