Dornier Sigma



The Compact Sigma, a versatile modular lithotripter, combines proven Dornier Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) with a multi-functional patient table and X-ray C-arm to create the complete solution for lithotripsy and endourological procedures. When combined with other items such as ultrasound, lasers, scopes, etc. the Compact Sigma becomes a complete multifunctional workstation.

Treatment Flexibility
Equipped with proven Dornier Electromagnetic Shock Wave Emitter (EMSE) technology, The Compact Sigma delivers consistent, reliable energy. With a high penetration depth and a wide dynamic range the EMSE is ideal for a spectrum of applications. The combination of the C-arm, the fully motorized Relax + patient table and variety of accessories offers treatment flexibility making this the perfect multifunctional system.

Dornier continues to develop new technologies to obtain the highest level of effectiveness and treatment flexibility from their lithotripters. The result is low re-treatment rates, patient comfort and improved treatment efficacy.

EMSE, Electromagnetic Shock Wave Emitter
Today, thousands of physicians trust Dornier’s proven EMSE technology to deliver consistent, reliable energy, which ensures low re-treatment rates with minimal side effects.

Consistent, reliable energy delivery
Shorter treatment times
High depth penetration and wide dynamic range
Low re-treatment rates
Minimal side effects

Flexible Therapy Head
The flexible therapy head introduces shockwaves from various orientations, allowing all treatments to be conducted with patients positioned comfortably on their backs.

Supports both lateral and horizontal orientation
Able to treat in both over- and under-table positions
All treatments are performed with patients remaining in the supine position
Simple, motorized operation via hand controller

Isocentric Design
The isocentric design allows both the shockwave and the imaging system to revolve around a single point. This ensures precise alignment of the targeting system and the shockwave focus at all times.
>Shockwave and imaging systems revolve around a single point
>Ensures precise alignment of the targeting system and the shockwave focus at all times
>Scanning plane constantly passes through the focal spot as the X-ray and ultrasound imaging
angles change allowing for continuous visibility
>Easier to target under difficult conditions

Laser-Guided Alignment
QuickLinx™, Dornier’s optical position control, ensures proper alignment between the C-arm and Compact Sigma. The laser aiming device is mounted to the top of the therapy arm and is equipped with three manually adjustable beams, which can be turned on or off with the touch of a button.

Tri-Mode Imaging
The Compact Delta II offers flexible imaging options, which can be used independently or in
> Single mode imaging, using either Farsight, X-ray or Isocentric ultrasound
> Dual mode imaging, using two imaging options
> Dornier unique Tri-mode imaging combining all three imaging techniques for the optimal imaging

Integrated Ultrasound
Dornier, together with B-K Medical, the leader in urology and surgical ultrasound, has developed a proprietary state-of-the-art FarSight integrated ultrasound technology which completely revolutionizes conventional inline ultrasound technology by delivering TRUE “see what you shoot, as you shoot along the shock wave path”.
>Specially designed electronic curved array transducer for deep imaging
>Transducer is integrated into the therapy head
>Transducer remains outside the shockwave path at all times
>Motorized rotation of transducer covering longitudinal and lateral scanning planes

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