FK Retractor


Laryngo-Pharyngoscope Retractor

Accurate diagnosis and therapy are at your fingertips with the FK-WO TORS Laryngo-Pharyngoscope retractor. The brilliant exposure of the operating field will exceed your expectations. While restrictions to the surgeon’s movements have been minimised with the scope’s innovative design and thoughtful features.

Clear visualisation of all areas of the aero digestive tract in transoral surgery (TORS), especially in the postcricoid, hypopharynx and tongue base, is a challenge in laryngology. Although the endolarynx is accessible with a standard laryngoscope, their small diameter and tubular design limits the surgeon’s instrument movements. These shortcomings are fully addressed by the FK Laryngo-Pharyngoscope retractor.

Wide exposure of the operating field in the oropharynx

The FK-WO TORS Laryngo-Pharyngoscope retractor provides an optimal view of the operation field with a wide movement area for robotic or hand instruments.

Fixation of tongue
The tongue retractor blades provide wide exposure of the supraglottis, gently fixing the tongue clear of view while avoiding collisions between the retractor and instruments.

Clear view to the operating field
Smoke evacuation and additional light guides can be attached for better illumination and image clarity, supporting accurate diagnosis and therapy.