Instruments for FESS


FESS sets

Olympus offers a full range of hand instruments for rhinology. One of the highlights is the gold standard rhinoplasty instrument set. Designed in consultation with leading surgeons, these tools are easy to manipulate and are adapted to current operational techniques. Precision made of high quality alloyed steel; they are an excellent addition to any rhinology suite.

An extensive range of gold standard hand instruments for rhinology applications, including rhinoplasty, sinus surgery (FESS), septoplasty, nasal polypectomy, and turbinate reduction.

Designed in consultation with leading surgeons worldwide, the range includes standard and specialised styles that are easy to manipulate and adapted for current operational techniques. These precision made products are of the finest quality alloyed steel and offer procedure solutions for most surgical requirements.

Reduced trauma

The extremely sharp osteotome is light and easy to use and effectively minimises trauma during rhinoplasty. Reduction of postoperative ecchymosis, oedema, scar tissue and haematomas enables faster healing times and improved patient recovery.

Guaranteed quality
These top of the range rhinology instruments are the result of a partnership between fine craftsmanship and modern technology. Made in Germany from alloyed steel they are guaranteed to be of the finest quality.

Designed for purpose by experts with years of experience, the highest quality construction of these instruments offers the advantage of precision and high durability.

Hump Osteotome, 10 mm: This slender precision instrument has a super sharp working edge for the precise cutting of nasal cartilage, and also has blunt lateral edges for minimising injuries of tissue and skin.