Laparoscopic Ultrasound Transducer with 4 way deflection

8666 transducer


Versatile built-in biopsy guide for staging.

Versatile built-in biopsy guide for staging.

Rigid and 4-way laparoscopic scanning in one.

Tools that give you the information you need
Effective surgery relies heavily on accurate staging and diagnosis – knowing what to expect and planning accordingly. In order to accomplish this, it is vital that the surgeons have the tools that give them the information they need, to make informed decisions.

Laparoscopic ultrasound (LUS) enables you to carry out liver and pancreatic cancer staging in a minimally invasive way. Because it is less invasive than conventional surgery, it decreases the risk of complications,especially in patients where major surgery is not indicated.

Minimally invasive staging at its best

Biopsy plays a very important role in the staging of cancers, by providing the required confirmations.

■■ The 8666-RF is the first laparoscopic transducer with built-in
facilities for LUS-guided biopsies.

■■ The 8666-RF is also ideal for guiding several different therapeutic
procedures such as radio frequency ablation (RFA), ethanol or
contrast agent injections, cryoablation or microwave ablation in
the same session.

Unique contrast-enhanced laparoscopic ultrasonography

The clinical utility of ultrasound can be extended considerably with
the use of a microbubble-based ultrasound contrast agent (UCA).

This technology makes it possible to measure flow in small vessels and detect perfusion in capillary beds. CEUS (contrast-enhanced ultrasound) also detects differences in vascularity of
various tissues and lesions, and may be used to improve the sensitivity and accuracy of detection and classification of tumors in the parenchymal organs.

Potential clinical benefits include:
■■ Detection of liver metastasis
■■ Characterization of liver lesions
■■ Management of ablation therapy




5 – 10 MHz

Focal range (typical)

5 – 95 mm

Contact surface       

30 x 5 mm

Sector angle


Scanning modes

B, M, Doppler, BCFM,Tissue Harmonic Imaging and Contrast Imaging


Immersion, EO (ethylene oxide),STERIS SYSTEM 1®** or STERRAD®           Sterile covers are available



Shaft: 302 mm

Handle: 178 mm

Compatible with 10 mm trocars

(12 mm for biopsies / No-Flex attachment)


475 g



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