Lithoclast Master


Swiss LithoClast® Master

The Swiss LithoClast® Master is a dedicated development which allows to choose the best intracorporeal lithotripsy method for the various treatment indications by integrating three basic intracorporeal lithotripsy tools and methods into one device.

Pneumatic Lithotripter – the Swiss LithoClast® technology
> gold standard in intracorporeal lithotripsy
> ballistic principle
> over 8’000 systems worldwide
> single high pressure impact
> effective disintegration of hard and large stones

Ultrasonic LithotripterNew Vario Ultrasound Handpiece

> invented by the biggest piezo-ceramic ultrasound device manufacturer
> low pressure impact with high repetition
> controlled suction because of integrated peristaltic valve
> effective suction and disintegration of soft stones and stone fragments
> high output power by less heating
> Faster stone clearance – less blockage
– Optimized fragment transport through dedicated suction connectors
– Enhanced ultrasound effectiveness due to optimized transducer design
> Comfortable and convenient handling thanks to reduced size and weight as well as optimal ergonomics
> Instantaneous intraoperative switch from combined ultrasound/pneumatic mode to ultrasound only mode
> Long-lasting ultrasound probes thanks to optimized design

Swiss LithoVac® technology – The Suction System

The LithoVac® offers simultaneous suction and lithotripsy not only for kidney and bladder but also for the ureter. With the help of the LithoVac®, a conventional ureteroscope can be turned into a continuous flow instrument, enhancing vision and controlling stone migration. The Swiss LithoVac® lv3 is very compact, light and easy to clean and to service.

The combination of these three functions allows the user to work every time with the best solution depending on the actual in-vivo situation without changing tools. The LithoClast® handpiece can be connected via its quick coupling mechanism within seconds either with the ultrasound handpiece or with the LithoVac®. Ultrasound and pneumatic impulses can be simultaneously controlled via one foot pedal. The combination of LithoClast® and ultrasound provides faster and safer removal particularly of large stone burdens.

The Swiss LithoClast® Master – faster stone removal than ever before

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