Pelvic Floor Imaging

Pelvic Floor

Pelvic Floor

The World Leader in Pelvic Floor Ultrasound Imaging

High Resolution Endoanal and Endovaginal 3D
Rotate and cut through the high resolution 3D data cube to see areas of interest in the best possible planes and follow the path of abnormalities. Make reproducible measurements.

The 2052 endocavity transducer with built-in, high resolution 3D, has a rotating crystal that sweeps out a 360° ultrasound image. The crystal moves back within the probe to acquire a series
of parallel images that create the 3D data cube, as indicated in the drawing. Acquisition is automatic and no moving parts touch the patient.

Endoanal 3D

• Evaluate the structural integrity of the anal canal, including abscesses, fistulas and sphincter
• Follow fistula paths in precise detail
• Visualize anal tumors
• Detect mucosal rectal prolapse

Endovaginal 3D
• Assess pelvic floor asymmetry
• Measure the levator hiatus
• Assess perineal muscles
• Visualize levator ani muscle and attachment to inferior pubic rami