US Guided Punctures

US Guided Puncture

Easy access to kidney diagnostics
The convenient 8823 renal transducer provides superior image quality while minimizing discomfort.

Exceptional image quality for anatomical details Compact to minimize patient discomfort Range of puncture guides for convenient intervention Steris System 1® compatible

Exceptional image quality

■ Capture quality images that make a difference in urological diagnostics.
Clearly view structures in the kidney using deep penetration at higher frequencies obtaining a high image resolution with coded excitation. Measure renal blood flow with superb spectral
Doppler. Visualize anatomic variations and residual tumor after RF and cryoablation with contrast
imaging*. Find kidney stones easily with harmonic imaging.

Designed for patient and operator comfort
■ Shorten your scan time with easy access between the ribs and better contact with the skin.
Designed with a rounded scanning surface, the 8823 minimizes patient discomfort during intercostal scanning. The transducer button provides image control at your fingertips.

Ideal for interventional procedures

■ A range of single-use and reusable needle guides for convenient interventional procedures.



Frequency range

1.8 – 6 MHz


Contrast Surface

31 X12 mm


Penetration Depth

26 cm


Scanning Modes

B, M, Doppler, BCFM,

Harmonic Imaging

and Contrast Imaging*







Dimensions & Weight



94 x 44 mm / 150 g

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